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Dyson air hand dryer best alternative

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  • Posted: 12/14/2019 01:48AM
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  • State: NSW
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  • Dyson is a leading name in hand dryers industry but, we are here to tell you there’s a higher-level hand dryer on the market which not only competes with the Dyson Airblade on cost but outperforms it on several levels. The Velo Veltia Tri-Blade matches the Dyson Airblade on several levels. They both have a vandal-proof design, HEPA Filters and quick drying time, but that’s where the comparisons end. The Veltia Tri-Blade is the premium choice for commercial hand dryers due to several key features and benefits. We also have some amazing discount offers for you. For more details and to book your orders visit our website! - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!