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Complete java online training from india | apex | 100% realtime

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  • End to End Java realtime Online Training, Job Support and Interview Support by Corporate java architects Java course makes you expertise the real-time implementation of Java projects by exploring totally different technologies in Java like Core Java, Advanced Java, Struts, Springs, Hybernate, web Services. FOR FREE DEMO contact : Email : Phone/WhatsApp : +91-(850) 012-2107 USA Number : 214-628-3894 Gtalk : Blog: Complete JAVA Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments are going to be provided End to end JAVA COURSE agenda (the course content is changed as per your requirements): Core Java Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts Introduction Abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Getting started with java Introduction to Java Features of java Java basics Java programming basics Data types Type casting Control Structure Java Arrays Command-line arguments Classes and Objects Class and Object Abstract classes Interfaces Overloading and Overriding Inner classes Packages and Java class path Exception handling Exception handling fundamentals Exception types try catch finally blocks Throw , throws keywords Creating custom exceptions Java Threads Introduction to threads Multi threading in java Thread lifecycle Thread class and Runnable interface Thread priorities Synchronization Interthread communication java.lang The java.lang package overview Tthe Object class Wwrapper classes System class Math class String & StringBuffer Java collections - java.util Collections overview Collection List,Set,SortedSet ArrayList ,LinkedList,TreeSet Hashtable,Enumeration Vector Date,Calendar Java streams- Streams overview Byte streams vs. Character streams Input/Output streams Reading/Writing from/to files – the File Streams Networking Networking overview Basics of java network programming Advanced Java Database Programming JDBC overview SQL- Structured Query Language JDBC Programming Concepts Query Execution Scrollable and Updatable Result Sets Working with Statements Row Sets Batch Updates Calling stored procedures and functions ResultSetMetaData Transactions Getting Started with Web Applications Web Application Life Cycle Web Modules Configuring Web Applications Accessing Databases from Web Applications Jar, war and ear Webserver & Application Server HTML Javascript Java Servlet Technology Servlets overview Servlet Life Cycle Sharing Information Initializing a Servlet Writing Service Methods Filtering Requests and Responses Invoking Other Web Resources Accessing the Web Context Session tracking and management Java Server Pages Technology JSP overview The Life Cycle of a JSP Page Declarations, Scriptlets, Expressions JSP Action tags Directives JSP implicit objects Scope in JSP Ajax HTML Javascript Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library Using JSTL Core Tag Library Enterprise JAVA Beans Enterprise Bean overview Types of enterprise beans Advantages of enterprise beans The Life Cycles of Enterprise Beans Working with Session Beans Statefuls vs. Stateless Session Beans Working with Entity Beans Bean Managed Persistence/Container Managed Persistence entity beans JAVA Messaging Service (JMS) Overview JMS architecture Messaging models Point-to-Point Publish/subscribe JMS API Message-Driven Beans Overview The Message-Driven Bean Class Life cycle of Message Driven Bean Struts 1. MVC Architecture: Action Controller, Action Classes, and Form beans 2. Essential Taglibs to be used in JSP pages (bean, html, logic, nested) 3. Dispatch Action, Dyna Forms 4. Internationalization 5. Validation Framework 6. Tiles Framework Spring Framework Spring Introduction Spring modules Dependency injection Spring containers (Bean Factory, Application Context) Basic bean wiring Bean life cycle Spring Data Access Using jdbc with spring Working with Datasources, Working with jdbctemplates, DML operations on data Controllers Types of controllers Handling web requests Mapping requests to controllers Handler Mappings Processing commands, form submissions Views Resolving text messages (property files) View resolvers Validations Working with throw away controllers ContextLoaderListener for loading configuration files Aspect Oriented Programming Join points, point cuts, advice, aspects AspectJ syntax for AOP AOP configuration elements Spring Transactions The meaning of transaction Transaction attributes Spring transaction management support Choosing a transaction manger Declarative transaction management Spring Messaging Messaging overview (JMS) Using Messages with Spring Advanced Bean Wiring Parent and child beans Inner beans Bean wiring with property files Spring Web Spring ORM Hibernate OVER VIEW Overview of O/R mapping Overview of Hibernate architecture Setting up and running your first Hibernate application. Configuring Hibernate Hibernate configuration property file Hibernate configuration XML file Database dialects Obtaining a Session Factory User-provided JDBC connection Using code generation tool Using schema generation tool Using mapping file generation tool O/R Mapping Overview of the mapping file The id element and primary key Id generation methods Composite id Hibernate data types Custom value types Mapping for collections and associations Mapping for rich associations Component mapping Inheritance mapping Manipulating and Querying Persistent Data Persistent classes Loading an object Find methods The Query interface Performing CRUD operations Criteria Queries Using native SQL query Using lifecycle and interceptor callbacks Transactions and concurrency The Hibernate Query Language (HQL) The select clause The from clause The where clause Expressions Aggregate functions Sorting, grouping, etc. Subqueries WebServices:- XML basics Introduction of XML Syntax Elements Attributes DTD, XML schema and advanced schema Introduction of DTD and XML Schema Elements of DTD and Schema Difference between DTD and Schema Implement example SOAP and WSDL Introduction of SOAP and WSDL Implement example Parsers (SAX and DOM) Introduction of SAX and DOM parsers Importance of Parsers Parser Architecture JAXP Introduction of JAXP Implement SAX example Implement DOM example Binding Frameworks(JAXB and XML Beans, JibX) Introduction of JAXB and XML Beans Importance of XSD Implement example Web services Introduction of Axis 1 and 2 Ant targets Build and deploy services Writing client program Web services implementation using Spring framework Introduction of Spring WS stack Implement example Restful Services – Jersey EJB 1. Session Beans 2. Entity Beans : CMP and BMP 3. Introduction to Hibernate technology 4. Introduction to application servers 5. Deployment of EJBs - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!