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2016ventura detest trump vote ventura & janos

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  • Posted: 03/23/2016 12:44PM
  • City: San diego
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  • 2016Ventura detest Trump vote Ventura & Janos Ventura & Janos for Independent president, Reason donald trump will fire everyone&trump will raise tax for six figure pay 50%&raise tax 50% for gas food healthcare drugs electric utilities which raises price cost 50%&without Small Business there will be no federal&county&state jobs, then sub contractors will hire foreign labor = Ventura & Janos, plan starts with jobs for Small Business&food for hungry workers&healthcare&cell phones&internet connection&guns&ammo&right to bear arms = Ventura & Janos, future plan will feed hungry kids to grow with below: = Rice milk, oat milk, lentil milk, soy milk, flax seed milk, chia seed milk, sunflower seed milk, peanut milk, Hausa nut milk,Bambara nut milk, garbanzo bean milk, chickpea milk, prune juice,olive oil,Fig juice, mandarin orange juice,carrot cooking oil, = &cow milk&eggs: are to much cholestrol&fat&calories, best subsitutes are: wheat flour&potato starch&sour Cream&butter&yogurt are better subsitutes reason eggs are to much cholestrol&fat&calories, = Ventura & Janos, plan will release prison&jail immates for low offenders to save tax payer dollars to get jobs&high offender inmates need jobs&so high offender inmates will upgrade amtrak&Ventura & Janos plan cuts funding on high speed rail = Ventura & Janos, plan will cut solar electric power projects to upgrade reservoirs and water&gas pipelines, Ventura & Janos plan will raise taxes for mineral rights to cut price cost for gasoline&propane&windmill electric power = Ventura & Janos, plan will cancel&exclude farm land tax act like williamson act land for nuts&wine grapes farmers reason not real food farmers& reinforce Homestead Act of 1862 & Subsidize land surveyors & Loan farmers to split there land into 5 acre land parcels & to sell there 5 acre land parcels & pay no capitial gains taxes to have 5 acre land parcel homestead farms to Subsidize & Loan real food farmers = Ventura & Janos, plan will raise taxes on jewelry&cosmetics products&designer dresses&laundre to lower healthcare price cost = Ventura & Janos, plan will cut teachers, pay 50% less, that have low score grades Reason how will kids learn, to have less drop outs&hire more online teachers&make more online schools for persons over 18 years old = Ventura & Janos, plan will raise tax 50%&cut pay 50% for highway patrol to hire local city police, reason we need to hire local city police&to lower price cost 50% for gun permits&gun ammo for right to bear arms = Ventura & Janos, plan will raise tax 50%&cut banks&politicians&congress, pay 50% less, to Subsidize&Loan Small Business = Ventura & Janos, plan will raise tax 50% on television&dvd video cams&stereo systems, reason we dont need movie&rock stars, we need to cut price cost 50% for healthcare&cell phones&internet connection&guns& ammo&right to bear arms = Ventura & Janos, plan will raise tax 50%&cut pay 50% less, for tv news reporters&journalists, reason we dont need news, we need to cut price cost 50% for healthcare&cell phones&internet connection&guns&ammo&right to bear arms = Ventura & Janos, plan will not raise federal minimum wage past $9 per hr. Reason that breaks payroll budgets for Small Business = donald trump will fire everyone&trump will raise tax for six figure pay 50%& raise tax 50% for gas food healthcare drugs electric utilities which raises price cost 50%&without Small Business there will be no federal&county&state jobs, then sub contractors will hire foreign labor. : download1407jpgipicdownload hydraulic pipe line hose jpgpicdownloadjpgpic\par download1837jpgpicjpgpicjpgpicgpicdownload1837jpgpicpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownload submersible turbine wells jpgpdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown aluminum metal stainless steel jpidownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownload steps ramps beach lakes jpgpdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown ballistic glass windows 1407jpgpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown Greenhouse lofts security jpipgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdownload Office warehouse Barn jpigpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpdownload power chemicals lights jpjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdownload tanks speed lamps lowered jidownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownload sail towers signs lifted jpgpicdownloadjpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownloadjpgpicjpgpicdownload1837jpgdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown winch Chevrolet compactor jpgpcdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpic inverters chevy batteries backhoe loaddownload1407jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownloaddownload1407jpgdownloadpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdownload suzuki battery drip jpgjpigpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown irrigation motors engines jpgjgpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1841jpgdown classics boats yachts jpjigpicjpgpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgdown cars volkswagen trucks toyota jpgpidownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgdown motorcycles harley davidson jpjgpicdownload1837jpgpic par download1407jpgpicdown kia cars honda kawasaki jpijgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown generators cadillac mercedes jpidownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown triumph indian gardens dodge jpidownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown real estate vacations rentals jpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown electric apartments sinks jpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown Organic foods solar panels jpgpidownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jipicdown aerial cranes furniture arts parts tools jpgdownload\par download1837jpgpic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\iarjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par downloadjppic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\parjpgpicjppicdownload1837jpgpic\par download volvo supplies pets trencher spiral ford lincoln jpgdownloadjpgpic\par download09183jpgipic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\parjpidownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgicdown antiques jewelry roads eye wear download0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown lexus chrysler wines nuts jpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpidownload dryer jeep subaru computers download1837jpgpic\par download1841jpdownload hybrids isuzu cabinets desktop download0934jpgpic\par download1407jpipicdownload saab Buick trailers Tuxedos jdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgdown roofing mitsubishi mazda books jipdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpdownload hyundai acura pumps Manuels jidownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown cameras saturn scion jpgpjpgpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdo laptop nissan cellular phones cell jpgdownloadjpgpic\par download1837jpgpic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\parjpipicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownload pontiac porsche laundry jpgpidownload1837jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdownload dish magnetic windmills jpipicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown scooters vans Transmissions jpicdownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown tankless water heaters lifting jpgpicdownloadjpgpic\par download1837jpgpic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\parjpgpicdownload1837jpgpic\par download1841jpgpicdown washer bath systems sound jpgpidownload0934jpgpic\par download1407jpgpicdown Camcorder lenses auto focus jpicdownload1837jpgpic\par - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!