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Head hunters, top recruitment company in india & dubai

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  • Posted: 03/03/2016 09:30PM
  • City: Dubai
  • State: DUBAI
  • Phone Number: 97143524561
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  • A Head Hunter are Recruitment Firms which are hired by employee required firms to find talent, and to locate individuals who meet specific job requirements, such as an executive with high experience in a certain field. The term headhunter may also be referred to as an Executive Search Firm. Having identified possible recruits that match the client's requirements, the executive search firm may act as an intermediary to investigate whether the individual might be interested in moving to a new employer and also carry out initial screening of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration, and the employment contract. Our Services: Head Hunters, Executive Search Firm, Recruitment Agency, Professional Resume Writing, CV Writing, Recruitment Firm, Top Recruitment Company, in India, Dubai - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!