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Follow your favorite posts and stories with ‘alwire’

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  • Posted: 11/26/2015 09:02AM
  • City: Miami
  • State: FLORIDA
  • Keywords: Sports News
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  • We are all accustomed to "Follow" feature on many social platforms, thanks to twitter for making it extremely popular. You can follow users and trends on twitter and get consolidated updates in your feeds related to latest entertainment news, technology news, sports news and top stories. Pretty awesome! Alwire, a rising social platform, tends to revolutionize how we receive and conceive news by taking control of news out of the hands of the mainstream media and giving that to ordinary people. They claim to bring to us real news by real people. Besides several new innovative ideas they bring to the table, they have also enhanced 'follow' feature by allowing users to follow a post, another reporter, city and even a street address. While the first two may sound familiar but the latter two are very unique. So let's look at all four of them one by one. We are hopeful to see many more follow options in alwire in future. Have a look at our website - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!