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Science art movement 2015

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  • Posted: 08/30/2015 02:18AM
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  • Art New Reality "Awaken" -"Reality Art Movement" The Great Mystery of Life "New Golden Age" (Information Resource) Introduction Program : System The Age of Enlightenment _ Mind Revolution - Global Uprising :New Year (Timeless) Physics : Genius Solved Universe Photography IE "Reality is a Holographic Universe" 2000-2015 Observational Study by Artist-Scientist IE (Photography) Sacred Geometry pi : the code linking Universal Quantum and Relativity.The Science of "Infinte Origin" (Matrix 00) Theory proposes there was not a "big bang" event. "Our Holographic Universe - Will It Prove to be the Greatest Theory of the 21st Century" (2013) Simulations back up Theory that Universe is a hologram (2014) Reference Data : Matrix 0.0 Program "Build a New World" from information of the Natural World : Biomimetics The Science of Learning from Nature.Transcendence of Consciousness . "A New Day is Coming" The philosophy and scientific evidence that the Millennium Project has changed the current understanding of Life and of the Origins of the Universe.We ask the Academic Edu : Education Establishment to learn from these 'new truths' and accept the Monumental 'Paradigm Shift' that has become the Reality of our World during this New Ressaisance of human Awakening - IE Underground Artist Society 2015 Art Movement Parallel World - Alternate timeline 2000/1 World Science Art Movement 2015 - 2016 Trending Social Media #News Art Movement #Year2015 Trends - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!