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Art science movement

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  • Posted: 09/02/2015 12:45AM
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  • State: EARTH! #2015
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  • Art Movement 2015 Reality of Nature : A Infinite Universe holographic Projection of Consciousness - IE "Awaken: The Paradigm Shift" New Reality est. 2000 #News Photography of the Invisible World : Introduction to Quantum Reality of the 21st Century "New Reality Art Movement" Mind Revolution : Global Uprising Awaken "Nature of Reality" Omniscience of the Infinite Universe (information resource) The Universe is a Projection proven by Artist-Scientist Photographer IE "Quantum Photography" invented on January 1 2000 to record the Artist's Journey to Inter-Space (2000-2015) Observational Study : The Millennium Project 010100 010101 Science : Infinite Universal Transcendent Memory of Consciouness (Year 2015 - #2016) The Great Challenge of the First Modern Civilization Awakening of the Quantum Mind Universe "MIrror Universe" Dawn of the New World Paradigm : Art Philosophy Science Religion Life Death and Beyond "Reality Art Movement" is a Global Underground Artist Movement that began with the arrival of the Millennium. "The Outsider Universe" Living in a era of the New Reality Artists existence of the bringers of the Dawn...The time is upon us for the true Liberation of the Cutting Edge Arts leading the human Experience...A New Golden Age Renaissance that restores the power and purpose of the Creative Mind to Awaken and Build the World..Future Planet Earth Biomimicry : Biomimetics "The Science of Learing from Nature" The New Parallel Universe : Origin "The New Reality Artist Movement" est. 01/01/2000 "Art God" IE "The Invisible Light" #Art 2015 - Eternity "Timeless" 'Dreams fulfill the empty Space between Night and Day' #Trending Social Media 2015 Art Movement - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!