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#news report 2015

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  • The Year in Science 2015 Trending Paradigm Shift : "Our Holographic Universe" "Simulations back theory Universe is a Hologram - Nature" (2013) "The Nature of Reality" News 2015 Trends "We May Be Living in the Matrix,Says Engineer" (2014) "Earth Sky" "Earth Camera" "Space Weather" "Art of Science" 2014 "Science Photography IEC proves Holographic Universe" (Parallel World) Observational Study 2000 - 2014 "Transcendence of Consciousness" Digital Philosophy Social Philosophy "Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?" "Mind Revolution" Sacred Geometry Biomimicry The Science of Learning From Nature "Nature" #Earth "Planet Earth" #Starpeople 2014 New Report 2015 The #Star People Trending New Years 2015 - 2016 Mind #Revolution Official Site #SocialMedia Welcome to 2015 - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!