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2015 art movement new reality

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  • Physics News 2015 Year in Science Art "New Reality" Parallel World : Alternate Timeline 2015 - 2016 New Golden Age "Simulations back up theory Universe is a Hologram : Nature" (2013) Art of the 21st Century New Reality Art Movement Paradigm Shift (2000 - 2015) The New Reality Art Movement est. 01/01/00 is a continuation of the science art interface and consciousness exploration by the pioneering late 20th Century Omni Art Movement. "Our Holographic Universe" Will it prove to be the greatest theory of the 21st Century "The man who proved Stephen Hawking Wrong" (2014) "The Man Who Imagined Wormholes and Schooled Hawking" (2007) "year 2006 worm holes" IEC The Millennium Portal (2001) IEC Art,Philosophy and Science 2000-2015 Questions and Answers : "Do we exist?" "What is the Nature of Reality? (resource information) Introduction to the Holographic Universe "Parallel Worlds exist and and will soon be testable,expert says" (2013) "Many Interacting Worlds Theory : Scientists propose existence and interaction of Parallel Worlds" (2014) Invisible Universe (Energy) "Observational Study documented by the Universe as a Infinite Holographic Projection by Quantum Photography IEC" Physics Edu 2015 The Big Bang theory proven wrong as Universal Origin Model 2000-2015 The Millenniun Project began on January 1 2000 to create Photographic Evidence of the true Reality of Nature (holographic universe) : IE Photographer Artist-Scientist "Many Worlds Interpretation : Theory" "Multiverse Hypothesis in Physics" "Quantum Physics" "Our Universe is impossible and shouldn't exist,Higgs-boson Scientist says" (2014) "Sacred Geometry Links Quantum Physics and General Theory of Relativity" Trending Topics : "Digital Philosophy" Solar - Lunar Eclipse The Sun New Science "Biomimicry : Learning from Nature" Biomimetics "Earth Camera" Science Art Movement "Earth = Nature" Education Resourse Info The Year in Science 2015 - 2000 Photography Proved Universe Projection Infinite Science News 2015 trending - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!