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Art 2015 year in science

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  • Posted: 09/02/2015 12:51AM
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  • 2015 The Year in Science Dark Matter "Physics Genius Ian-Eye 'Science Photography' proves Universe is Hologram." IEC : "Paradigm Shift" (2000 - 2014) "Simulations back up theory Universe is a Hologram" (2013) "Is Our Universe Holographic? In 1982 a little known but epic event occured at the University of Paris... "Our Holographic Universe The Greatest Revolution of the 21st Century" 2015 New Science : "Transcendence of Consciousness" - International Physics Society 2014 "The Man who proved Stephen Hawking Wrong" "The Man who Imagined Wormholes and Schooled Hawking" (2007) IE Wormhole Technology Search : "Year 2006 Worm Holes" IE Portal Inter-dimensional Source Code 2001/2000 "New Science" The Millennium Project 2000-2015 (Academia) Physics Edu Trending Topics 2014 Exploring "Digital Philosophy" "Space Weather" Physics : IE Art Movement 2014 "Reality of Nature Solved by Artist" "Photography Artist proves Universe is a Hologram" Education 21st Century Art "New Physics" Edu Matrix 00 Program Living Virtual Holo-Reality Projection Technology Proprietary Creator IEC 2000 IE 2016 The Year in Science Review 2014 (Archive) "Earth Camera" Time and Date - Sell, Buy, Rent, Trade, Announce, or Advertise Something in your Community absolutely free!!