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Behn & wyetzner prominent in winning false act claims

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  • Posted: 07/11/2013 08:07PM
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  • There are a lot of prompts about fraudulent acts made every year. Unfortunately, more often than not, the information given is factual and even involves multi-national companies, making for highly sensitive cases. In such an instance, the tipster, which is then officially referred to as a whistleblower, will require the assistance of a legal service that specializes in the area. Specifically, a whistleblower attorney will be the right individual for the job. A regular lawyer may not be as competent to handle the complicated matters entailed in such cases so the specialists are the definite choice. The aforementioned specialist will have the right qualifications and background to deal with the intricacies of representing a whistleblower during a fraud claim. Of course, the specialists must have many years of experience for the security of winning the case. In that respect, only one team of whistleblower attorneys can deliver and they are from Behn & Wyetzner, Chartered. Their many successful ventures include the representation of two defense contractor fraud cases.

    With a team of seasoned specialists, Behn & Wyetzner, Chartered has garnered a lot of success in False Claims Act cases. They have represented many whistleblowers geared with long years of experience of their lawyers. One case that mostly resonates in their account is their involvement with the Northrop-Grumman matter. This major settlement case went on for 16 years, becoming the longest FCA case in history. It has since been one of the verifications for BW’s credibility. The dispute transpired between the defense contractor and the Air Force which hired them for the development of aircraft defense electronic systems. The claim alleges Northrop of fraud through conducting a malicious accounting scheme in relation to a B2-bomber’s radar jamming device. In the end, the case was won by BW and the contract amount, $134 million, was recovered. 

    Other important indictments that they have handled are the multi-million dollar cases that involved Omnicare Switching and Johnson & Johnson. With not only one successful whistleblower lawyer, but a whole team of them, Behn & Wyetzner has distinguished itself as the one of the most successful in handling FCA-related cases in the United States.

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